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Sukvedha Ayurvedic Center & Spa in Dallas, Texas. driving over consultation, herbal therapies, medicine, massages, types of health care system, ayurvedic therapies, hair care etc. Set out on a really excellent journey of Ayurvedic conventions, adjusted to suit today's ways of life. Antiquated theories and western practices work in amicability with the inward knowledge of the body, helping it to rebalance in times of progress and stretch. We offer different varieties of authentic Ayurvedic therapies which are available independently or can be merged with different therapies in various packages.


Packages & Offers

Full and Half day ayurvedic packages.

We have professional packages available for advocates,doctors, I.T personals, bussinessmen,travelers,sports persons, students ,housewives etc. And therapies in the packages are carefully chossen according to the personal need of the client. 1.Natural Detoxification Package , 2.Skin care package , 3.Stress Management Package , 4.Pain Management Package

  • Stress management
  • $150.00

    Duration ; 2 Hours
  • Abhyanga
  • shirodhara

  • Pain management
  • $160.00

    Duration : 90 minutes
  • Abhyanga and steam (or) Pindswedan (or) Abhyanga and kati basti
    (or) Abhyanga and Griva basti
    (or) Abhyanga and Janu basti
  • Detoxification
  • $150.00

    Duration ; 2 Hours
  • Abhyanga
  • Udvartan
  • Steam
  • Allergy Relief
  • $90.00

    Duration : 1 Hours
  • Marma point massage on face
    and head and it also includes Shirodhara / Nasyam


Series of 3 or 6 on these services ( Shirodhara or Pindswedan or Kati basti ) Buy series and save more 20 % Discount

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