After going around several doctors for 6 months and suffering with Fibromylgia. I found a gem of a person named Ritu. She helped me not only with my Physical bit also Mental health. I have used the herbd suggested by her and followed the daily routing. I started noticing significant results after a month. She was also very available for follow ups. Thanks Ritu for all your help.

"I have struggled with digestion and have had a huge bloated belly, looking nine months pregnant when I'm not sucking it in, for several years. Looking for relief I have tried different diets that have caused me to lose weight but didn't help with my bloated Billy. Ritu took the time to ask me many questions about myself, my diet, my habits, my mood, my symptoms, etc. This made me feel comfortable that I had made the right choice going to a practitioner that would look at the big picture and treat me holistically. She recommended gentle changes I could make in regards to what and how I was eating/drinking. I was able to easily implement them and find relief within one day! Ritu asked me to call and update her in a couple of weeks, which I did and was happy to report a positive change not only in my digestion but in my overall mood and outlook as well. She helped me find peace within my mind and body. If you are wondering, it is 1,000% worth it and I recommend giving her a call if you want a natural, gentle approach to real relief."

When i went to see Ritu Bhalla a few months ago, I was suffering from serious lower back pain following an injury. She tried out several differents treatments including Kati Basti, Abhyanga, Pindasweda.. Please check her website (http://www.sukhvedadfw.com/) for more detailed information on all the various treatments. She is an expert in all of these and more.
I am currently completely out of my pain phase and have returened to normal life. I still see her face once a month just to keep my body rejuvenated and nourished. I don't know what i would have done without her help. She also offer consultation and diet based on your body/ mind types. Her facility that offers the treatement is very clean and favorable
Mohan das

I have known Ritu for almost 5 months now. I had undergone extensive ayurvedic therapies in India to recover from a major spine surgery. After having seen what a difference it made in my wellbeing I wanted to continue reaping the benefits of Ayurveda and looked up Ayurvedic practitioners in Dallas. That is how I came across Sukhveda and met with Ritu. Right from the beginning, I could see that she genuinely cared about the well-being of her client. She suggested little tweaks and additions in my diet, all through natural sources as well as a series of Ayurvedic therapies. The therapies included Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Pinda Swedana and others. And I am happy to say that I continue to see incremental improvements in my health and am so glad that I have found Ritu as someone I can rely on here in Dallas on my path to recovery. Anyone who is looking for ayurvedic therapies or anyone who is looking to try it for the first time, I highly recommend meeting with Ritu.
Tina S

We moved to Dallas from Chicago two years back. Kids are still adjusting to the heat and environment here. I have had my share of ups and down during that period. My son started experiencing very bad migraine kind headaches in the summer of 2016. I did try other health areas but did not get much help . Then I thought to take the route of Ayurveda and came in touch of Ritu through Suhkveda (Ayurvedic wellness center) - Ritu is very friendly and gave us the good time in understanding the issue. She patiently explained us Ayurveda and how it relates to our day to day life. She provided us a complete list of his diet based on Ayurveda principles. Her suggestions included items which are essential for growing age and can be followed easily by making few changes in the diet. Aarav's headache frequency has decreased from 3-4 times in a week to 1-2 times in a month.

Ritu Bhalla is a very authentic and highly knowledgeable Ayurveda practitioner in DFW area. She genuinely cares for her patients and is committed to providing the best-customized therapy for each and every one of them.She is also very flexible and understanding about the busy schedules of her patients and accommodates them per their convenience. Her facility is a top notch one with a good maintenance and serene feeling. I have been seeing Ritu for the past 8 months and I feel less stressed and more relaxed with the Shirodhara therapies . highly recommend her to anyone interested in alternative medicine and looking for an authentic provider in Ayurveda.

I approached Ritu for my low attention span and stress levels.I could not focus at work with three kids.Easily feel emotional and anxious for petty things. Ritu started Shiyodhara after doing thorough body analysis.It's been my 4th session recently,I see the tremendous change in me and my approach towards situations. I am able to stay calm and cool at work and home. My efficiency has improved with Work and able to handle kids patiently.
Srividya M

Ayurveda is a traditional, pure, and natural system of medicine. It is such an amazing therapy which every modern man requires currently and will require in the coming years!!! It is difficult to find Ayurveda around our area, as we live in Arkansas, but after researching for several months, we have finally reached the right person! It was hardly a difficult commute from Arkansas to Dallas in exchange for the way that Ritu would make us feel. Yes! Ritu Bhalla is a wonderful human being and a good hearted soul! She understands others' problems and treats them uniquely! Ritu has good experience in Ayurveda and even practices its teachings in her own family life. We love her home cooked food and feel like we're in heaven after our Ayurvedic therapies!!! After our first visit in early 2016, we were able to see a lot of improvements physically and mentally! Thank you, Ritu, for all your kind help and support!
Rajkumar A

Ritu is a skilled practitioner of Aruyvedic. I highly recommend her applied use of the art and science for positive healing results.

I have had back pain and sciatica from the past 3 years. With Ritu's advice and therapies that she suggested, I started to feel better within a month. The therapies she suggested are very relaxing and overall have been great for my health. Since Ayurveda does not have any side effects, I have been following the advice and lifestyle changes without any second thoughts. I hope to be under Ritu's care for some more time so as to continue to have changes in my lifestyle and have a better quality of life. Ritu is very friendly and always enthusiastic about her work which makes me excited to follow her suggestions and keep coming back to her again.

Shirodhara is a 5000 year old therapies that is amazing. It is the gentle pouring of warm oil upon your forehead. The first time you want to laugh because the oil tickles. Then you want to laugh at yourself for paying someone to drip warm oil on your forehead. However, after that first session, not only was I in a euphoric state, but I would have gladly paid Ritu double. My life is filled with stress and the hurdles seem to get higher and harder to clear. Shirodhara has aided in relaxation and insight.

I have seen Ritu twice. Each session was filled with something that I believe has been kept in my deep subconscious.
If you are looking for a holistic method to aid in whatever is disturbing you such as depression, I recommend Sukheda. Maintain an open mind and heart and you will, not only see a difference, but feel a difference.

Ritu is a warm and gifted woman. Trust her to reach and relax you with this age old therapies. Stay open to your "visions". Sukhveda has helped me see around the dark corners and fill them with a positive light.

I spent close to two years battling bladder infections, taking various antibiotics to combat it. Eventually, it turned into a severe and painful kidney infection. The last doctor told me there was nothing more that could be done for me. I became bedridden and in constant pain. I believed I was going to die.

A friend recommended that I call Ritu Bhalla, an Ayurvedic Practioner in dallas, texas. After the first consultation with her, I learned the basics of bringing my body/mind/spirit into natural balance (and felt hope that I would live) with the world around me (I was also battling jobs and an ugly divorce). I experienced some relief the first night, and for the first time in two years. I'm a hard sell on anything, but I was committed to try the methods of Ayurveda, to be fair. Within the first week, I saw noticeable improvements in my health. Ritu, like a loving and educated mother, was caring and checked on me to help me understand, adjust, change or keep up what I needed for me personally. She answered any and all my questions without giving me the impression that I was imposing on her time. I felt confident in her knowledge and care, and hopes in my recovery. I took my 23 year old son to her who was suffering from eczema, which was obvious to me that he was out of balance with all his natural rhythms and mental state. But I can see the calm in him knowing he's in good hands with Ritu. More on him later.

I practice these methods to this day, some days not 100% (but close enough) due to situations or time, but I have completely healed and remain so. I have Ritu to thank from the deepest part of me for her passion and love of Ayurveda and other humans which saved my life and brought me the quality of living that is the birthright of all humans. I recommend Ritu Bhalla, a caring woman and excellent practitioner, and Ayurveda to everyone I know that is struggling with an ailment. I stay true to Ayurveda and its 5,000 year history and proven methods of being in balance, as it has shown me the path back to my whole being. I only wish more people knew about Ayurveda and could see the path of how it points to personal peace within oneself.

I have the deepest gratitude and respect for you, Ritu!

Laurie Owen

"From the beginning, I have always suffered from painful and irregular periods. In my mid 20's I developed endometriosis, which worsened the discomfort. Changing to a plant-based diet helped me defeat endometriosis, but I still had irregularities and the occasional pain. Ayurvedic practitioner Ritu Bhalla suggest my husband and I introduce CCF tea every day and bi-monthly Shirodhara therapy. I have been following her suggestions and having my shirodhara therapy sessions for over three months now. This month I had no pain, no anemia and a predictable start date. I don't think I have ever felt this pain-free and in control of my cycles. Thank you, Ritu Bhalla!


I am seeing Ritu Bhalla (Ayurvedic Practitioner) for the past 4 months. She showed immense compassion to my health condition which involved Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Though I am undergoing therapies for my condition to keep me mobile I consulted her for a long term plan to improve my health without medications.

She gave me dietary suggestions and advised regular shirodhara twice in a month. This seemed to help me a lot with my hormonal balance as I have irregular cycles. Shirodhara helped with my cycles becoming regular and I feel a lot of improvement in my health condition after I started therapies with her.

Though my psoriasis is not completely gone Ritu's therapy and diet plans are helping me to not have any side effects due to medications and also getting my menstrual cycles fall to normal without medications. She takes personal interest in each client she sees and is a very committed person I have met.


I first consulted with Ritu Bhalla in November of 2015 due to intestinal distress. I've been on a purely plant-based diet since 2003, so I am no stranger to flatulence but this was different. I learned that my cold daily morning protein shakes were incoherent and a grab-bag of nutrients and superfoods with no focus. She suggested a structured eating schedule starting with a focused and warm breakfast, chai and a juice. This immediately soothed my digestive system. Because I was no longer bloated, my evening yoga practice became enjoyable again

I have been continuing the Shirodhara therapy on a bi-weekly basis with great results. Even though I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for over a decade, I now exhibit a vitality and a glow that friends and co-workers have noticed. The therapy has induced a level of relaxation in me that has enabled me to go deeper into my daily Pranayama practice. I couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to learning more from Rituji!

Jeff Glatz

I was referred to Ritu Balla of the Sukhveda Ayurvedic Wellness Center for serious stomach and anxiety issues. Under Ritu's guidance, I have made huge strides in repairing my health through ayurvedic diet and therapy. I feel better in every way: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Within days of seeing Ritu, there was an obvious improvement in my health. The ayurvedic lifestyle has truly changed my life. Ritu is an honest and caring ayurvedic practitioner that I can wholeheartedly recommend. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.


I have known Ayurvedic Practitioner Ritu Bhalla for the past 4-5 years. She is a commendable Ayurvedic consultant. I was going through constant headaches and some digestive issues, when I contacted Sukhveda DFW, where Ritu Bhalla assisted me. Even though I live in a completely different state, she is always just a text message or call away, and always follows up with me. All communication regarding my recovery has been over the phone, in which she has been very professional. In my consultation, she recommended certain dietary changes and herbal supplements, and I am already seeing a significant difference. That in itself shows that she is quite passionate about what she does. She does not only advise me, but is an extremely positive encouraging force in my life.


I have a daughter (5yrs) with developmental delay in speech. Though we managed to figure it by her pediatrian and joined therapy classes, as parents , we were not happy and keep worried about her. Ritu Bhalla, Ayurvedic practitioner, has given her suggestions through consultations and started Ayurvedic therapies. The very first session has given pleasant results that made us happy about our daughter's performance levels. There is enough positive feedback from her school teachers and primary doctor saying that she has far progressed and will be doing great.


Software Engineer

I visited Ritu for high Triglycerides problems along with relatively high BP and some stress. I'm just 30 yrs of age and was alarmed at the numbers and lot of medications like Niacin and Fish Oil wasn't helping much.

Ritu took personal interest and chalked out a diet plan along with few Ayurvedic herbs.

Her motto of "make food your medicine" helped a lot. Within 6 months my Triglycerides reduced from 220 to 90 and BP reduced from 140/90 to normal levels.Not only this, I also lost around 15 pounds during this period, thanks to the good carbs/healthy diet which Ritu suggested.

Her concepts of Ayurveda are very clear - "anything that is man-made food should be replaced by natural foods". I feel much livelier and stress free now. My wife has also started visiting her on seeing the benefits which I have reaped.

I thank Ritu for this positive change in my lifestyle. I would highly recommend her to one and all.

She is a Ayurvedic Practitioner who genuinely wants her patients to be cured and doesn't treat it as a business.


I am always thankful to Ritu Bhalla. She gave me a second life. I was suffering from a serious stomach problem for a few years and depression. She told me to take an ayurvedic herbs and advised for a plan with all her moral support. I feel like a new, energetic, healthy person. She was always there and available to talk to me whenever I was suffering. She is a very friendly ayurvedic practitioner. I tried all the allopathic medicines. They did not work for me. The only thing that worked for me was her ayurvedic herbs and diet plan.


I am a 67 year old retired Engineer/Computer Analyst who has been working with Ritu for nearly 21 months.

When I started working with Ritu, I had already studied Ayurveda via several books and was extremely excited when she was the Guest Speaker at a Dallas Yoga Studio. After hearing her talk about her experience and her approach to practicing Ayurvedic nutrition, I followed-up with contacting Ritu to start my Ayurvedic evaluation and her recommendation for me.

The initial focus with Ritu included issues with my teeth/gums, sleeping, staying cool during the hot temperatures in Texas, joints/muscles, and digestion. During our first meeting Ritu developed a plan for changes to my life style which included foods, drinks, herbs, and types of exercise.

As of this date, I am taking zero medication from my medical doctor. My Pharmacist and Doctor are excited that I do not require any medication for an issue, but at times I get the impression that this is very unusual for their clients.

I am very active and have high energy. It has been a total pleasure and great experience to work with Ritu on balancing my health using the Ayurvedic approach and practices. Her experience, knowledge, training, and dedication are certainly gifts to my total well-being.

Lavada Smith, Ph.D., M.C.S., LMT