Wisdom For the Day

Ayurvedic Health Care Tips for Healthy living, Herbal Treatment and Home Remedies

Ayurvedic Health Care Tips for Healthy living, Herbal Treatment and Home Remedies


Plan a walk with a companion or colleague. Ayurveda Wellness System considers strolling a tridoshic exercise. It quiets the mind and nourishes the faculties.

Fresh Lunch:

Make a crisp lunch. Sustenance that is prepared, canned, solidified or bundled are harder to process, and in this manner make poisons. Likewise, in light of the fact that they are old, denatured by preparing, or incorporate destructive fixings, for example, concoction additives, they no more contain nature`s insight.

Water for good health

Drink a glass of water. Water flushes out collected wastage and keeps the absorption smooth. Tasted for the duration of the day, water is a fabulous healer.


Drink a glass of milk. Towards the end of a tiring day, when you can`t appear to close your eyes, don`t be baffled: drink a glass of warm drain. Milk ought to be natural and free of added substances.


Take a seat and close your eyes. Take an "only for me" break at this moment, right here. Detach from the external world and tune into your own self. Regardless of the fact that you do this for a moment, you will feel mended. Practitioners say their day by day 20-minute Sadhana overcomes stretch and build positive vitality and a feeling of prosperity.

Herbal Tea:

The basic and powerful Ayurvedic product is home grown tea, so taste herb tea. All-regular, without caffeine teas arranged from natures recuperating herbs are an impeccable approach to unwind and energize.

Self Body Massage and Oil Massage:

Rub your body. The skin yearns for your touch and consideration. At the point when warm herbalized oil is rubbed tenderly everywhere throughout the skin, your body and your brain feel spoiled and loose. Treat your skin to the enchantment of self-back rub (Abhyanga).

Happy Relationship: 

Call a companion. Individuals whose organization fulfills us feel and cherished resemble solution it`s like powerful Ayurvedic medicine, they recuperate and reestablish us. Staying in contact with such individuals supports our own particular hearts.

Organic Foods:

Make your own skin set. Ayurvedic treatment healers suggest utilizing absolutely common items on your skin: ideally those fixings that are likewise sheltered to eat. Browse among sustenance like nectar, Organic Rose Water, cucumber, cereal, ground whitened almonds, milk, and yogurt to get ready packs that will shed, scrub, and saturate your skin.

Breathe Out:

Inhale profound. Careful breathing enhances the stream of oxygen and other essential supplements to the most diminutive channels of the body, giving you a moment feeling of prosperity.

Get Energy with Sleeping: 

Go for sleep early. Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors are stressed and re-underline the estimation of good rest, basically on the grounds that rest is the premise of element action.

Wake Up Earlier:  

Ascend with the sun. This will be anything but difficult to do on the off chance that you go to bed before 10:00 p.m. Awakening early gives you an opportunity to focus on your morning ablutions, and to set up a decent, feeding breakfast. What`s more, it gives you an opportunity to appreciate the early morning quiet of nature.

Don`t avoid Breakfast:

Have a decent breakfast. Skipping breakfast especially disturbs Sadhaka Pitta. It can bring about touchiness and unsettled feelings. As per Ayurveda Herbal Treatment, it is prescribed that natural products can be eaten as the first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before other breakfast things, for example, hot grain.

Hair Care Treatment:

Care for your hair. Use coconut oil regularly, a few amount of lemon juice will help you to avoid common hair problem.