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Ayurveda implication for a common allergic cold.

Ayurveda implication for a common allergic cold.

Constant cool is a typical illness. When you have sniffling, watery release from the nose (runny nose), bothersome or congested nose with watery, red eyes for 60 minutes, it can be termed as tireless rhinitis. House dust and sensitivity to pets or others are the most widely recognized reasons for allergic inflammation. Be that as it may, before you pop anti-toxins, read up on why taking anti-infection medicine for cold and cough is an awful thought?


Possible other treatments like Ayurvedic medicine are a perfect approach to treat this perpetual condition.


Wrong sustenance blends having rival properties like fish with milk, natural product juice with milk, elucidated butter with honey, dessert after night suppers, prompts sensitivity.


For those who don`t have digestion issues, Nasya treatment (nasal drops therapy) is administered with herbal oils.


After the Panchakarma treatment, Ayurvedic medicine are managed to enhance respiratory resistance and quality of upper respiratory tract. Here are some regular solutions for help your safe framework.

Foods to Consume:


Slightly spicy food, Salt and Pepper, Legumes, Soups

Foods to Avoid:


Oily food, congestive food, food that is too hot or too cold, sour food. Do not guzzle sugary foods, banana, curd, ice creams, cakes, yellow grams, alcohol and cold beverages.


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