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Ayurvedic remedies for foot care

Ayurvedic remedies for foot care

Ayurveda preferred some choices of home treatment and remedies to deal with foot pain and diseases.

Basic Foot Care

The best measure you can take is to wear convenient shoes that fit legitimately, with additional room in the toe range. Similarly critical is to wash your feet day by day with cleanser. Wash off the cleanser with warm water and dry your feet completely, including between the toes. Continuously keep your nails short, yet don`t cut into the skin on the sides of your nails. Try not to apply cruel strategies to evacuate corns and calluses, for example, trimming or shaving, since they can harm your feet. Change your socks each day and when you work out. At whatever point conceivable, air your feet by strolling shoeless outside, or in the house. These straightforward guidelines increase your solace level as well as can avert diseases, calluses and numerous different sicknesses of the foot.


Foot issues effects:

Over 70% surprisingly in the United States will have excruciating foot issues sooner or later amid their lifetime. Do you deal with your feet as much as you utilize them? An ayurvedic foot mind routine can decrease your odds of having a place with the shocking 70%.


Ayurvedic Foot Care

Tending to your feet in Ayurveda goes past the corrective purposes: it benefits the entire body and sensory system. An ayurvedic foot shower and foot rub unwinds the entire physiology and gives a sentiment renewal, expanded vitality and enhanced blood circulation.


Herbal Foot Bath

Bubble 1 quart of water. Make a little pocket of any of the accompanying herbs: lavender, sage, rosemary. Put the foot in a substantial wash bowl or pail and pour the bubbling water over it. Give it a chance to sit for twenty minutes.

Include frosty water, if important, to achieve an agreeable temperature in the vicinity of 100 and 110 °F.

Absorb your feet in the water for around twenty minutes. Delicately rub the herbs on your feet however don`t clean.

Dry feet completely with a spotless towel. Washing salts additionally diminishes your skin.


Foot Massage:

By rubbing your feet, you "knead" your entire body. "Massaging your feet helps detoxification, equalizations feelings and enhances blood and lymph course. In the first place wash your feet altogether with cleanser and warm water. Neem cleanser or herbal soap is particularly valuable because of its antibacterial properties. Wipe your feet dry and sit in an agreeable position so you can without much of a stretch achieve your feet.