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Ayurveda Food Habit and Combination for Healthcare

Ayurveda Food Habit and Combination for Healthcare

When eating habit is not in a right way, the utilization of medicine is needed, at the point, we follow right diet, no medicine is needed.


Taking heavy meals without earlier intake is not properly digested can lead to a severe health issue.


Most of the Ayurveda center would not prefer the combination of milk, fruit salad and banana at the same time.


One ought not to bring fish alongside milk, since this combination is Abhishyandi (extraordinary obstructer for channels), it vitiates blood.


Using Yogurt with Milk, Fish with Milk, Pickle with Milk and Honey with Ghee are some in skilled sustenance, if taken together; they deliver a considerable measure of poison in our body.


Taking fish and cheddar arrangements alongside liquor, this is a fatal mix and can without much of stretch prompt skin illnesses, since fish with milk items like cheddar are contraindicated.


Drinking cold water in the wake of taking hot tea or coffee is terrible.


When we are captivating few of Ayurveda therapies for the health issue, consuming curd during the evening is not encouraged.


Health Care during Rainy Season: Do-bring Honey with Food, Sour, and salty tastes, Eat old rice, wheat barley, use boiled water for drinking. Try not to take the nourishments which are overwhelming saved sustenance things and Fruits in Excess. A way of life to be received - Take legitimate Ayurvedic Health Care & Detoxification of Pitta. Abstain from Sleeping in day time &heavy Exercise.